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PM’s address in the 75thEpisode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’

  • My dear countrymen, Namaskar. This time when I was perusing the letters, comments; the varied inputs that keep pouring in for Mann ki Baat, many people recalled a very important point.
  • On MyGov, Aryan Shri – Anup Rao from Bengaluru, Devesh from Noida, Sujeet from Thane – all of them said – Modi ji, this time, it’s the 75th episode of Mann ki Baat; congratulations for that.
  • I express my gratitude to you for following Mann ki Baat so minutely; for staying connected as well.
  • For me, it’s a matter of deep pride; it’s a matter of joy. From my side, it’s of course THANKS to you.
  • I also express thanks to all the listeners of Mann ki Baat, since this journey just wouldn’t have been possible without your support.
  • It seems like just yesterday when we had embarked upon this journey of thoughts and ideas.
  • Then, on the 3rd of October, 2014, it was the pious occasion of Vijayadashmi; look at the coincidence – today it is Holika Dahan.
  • May one lamp light another, thus illuminating the Nation’ – treading along this sentiment, we’ve traversed this way.
  • We spoke to people across each and every corner of the country and learnt about their extraordinary work.
  • You too must have experienced that even in the remotest corners of our country, there lies vast, unparalleled potential – myriad gems are being nurtured, ensconced in the lap of Mother India.
  • Well for me, it has been a phenomenal experience in itself to watch society, know about society, realizing her strength.
  • During these 75 episodes, one went through a multitude of subjects. At times, there was reference to rivers; at other times the peaks of the Himalayas were touched upon…
  • Sometimes matters pertaining to deserts; at other times taking up natural disasters…
  • Sometimes soaking in innumerable stories on service to humanity…in some, inventions in technology; in others, the story of an experience of doing something novel in an unknown corner!
  • You see, whether it’s about sanitation or a discussion on conserving our heritage; and not just that, reference to making toys, what is it that was not there?
  • Perhaps, the sheer number of topics that we touched upon would turn out to be countless! During all this, from time to time, we paid tributes to great luminaries whose contribution in the building of India has been unparalleled; we learnt about them.
  • We also spoke on many global matters; we’ve tried to derive inspiration from them. There were many points that you told me; you gave me many ideas.