Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s address at the NCC Rally at Cariappa Ground in Delhi

  • Friends, As the world’s largest uniformed youth organization, the image that NCC has created is getting stronger day and day.
  • When I see your efforts, I become very happy; and my trust in you becomes stronger. NCC cadets can be seen behind the growth of the Indian tradition of gallantry and service.
  • Again it is the NCC cadets when there is a campaign to create awareness about the Constitution among the people.
  • NCC cadets are definitely seen where there is some good work going on regarding the environment or any campaign related to water conservation or sanitation.
  • The examples of the amazing work which you do in an organized way in times of crisis are rarely seen anywhere.
  • Whether it is floods or other calamities, last year NCC cadets helped in the relief and rescue of the stranded countrymen.
  • The way millions of cadets who have worked together with the administration and society across the country during the entire period of Corona is commendable.
  • It is the responsibility of all to ful fill the civic duties that are enshrined in the Constitution and are expected of us.
  • We all are witness that the greatest challenges can also be resolved when civil society and local citizens insist on their duties.
  • As you also know very well, Naxalism-Maoism was a big problem in our country at one point of time. Hundreds of districts of the country were affected.
  • But when the spirit of duty of local citizens and the valour of our security forces came together, the back of Naxalism started breaking. Now, Naxalismis confined to a few districts of the country.
  • Not only the Naxal violence in the country has reduced considerably, many youths have given up violence and started joining the path of development. We have also seen the effect of prioritizing our duties as a citizen during the Corona period.
  • When the people of the country came together and fulfilled their responsibility, the country was able to combat Corona. Friends, The period was challenging, but it also brought a lot of opportunities along with it.
  • There were opportunities to meet challenges, to be victorious, to do anything for the country, to enhance the capacities of the country, to become self-reliant, to become the best from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • The role and contribution of India’s youth power is most important in achieving all these goals. I also see in you a supporter as well as protector of the nation.
  • Therefore, the Government has made special efforts to further expand the role of NCC. NCC’s participation is being enhanced to strengthen the security network and the border and seashores of the country.