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PM’s address at the laying of foundation stone of New Parliament Building

  • Friends, it can’t be more beautiful or more pure that the new building of our Parliament becomes the very inspiration when India celebrates 75 years of its independence.
  • Today is a day of great privilege and pride for more than 130 crore Indians who we are witnessing this historic moment.
  • Friends, the construction of the new Parliament House is an example of the coexistence of new and old.
  • It is an attempt to bring about a change in oneself according to time and needs. I can’t forget that moment when I got the opportunity to enter the Parliament House for the first time in 2014 as an MP.
  • I had bowed my head and saluted this temple of democracy before stepping into it. Our present Parliament House has played an important role in forging the freedom movement first and independent India later.
  • The first government of independent India was also formed here and the first Parliament also sat here.
  • In this Parliament House, our Constitution was created and our democracy was restored. Baba Saheb Ambedkar and other seniors presented us the Constitution after a thorough discussion in the Central Hall.
  • The present building of Parliament has been a symbol of every ups and downs of independent India, our challenges, solutions, hopes, aspirations and success.
  • Every law enacted in this building and serious debates during the formulation of these laws in the Parliament House are the heritage of our democracy.
  • Friends, it is equally necessary to accept the reality along with the dominant history of Parliament. The building is now about a hundred years old.
  • In the past, it was continuously upgraded in view of the requirements of that time. The walls have been turned down several times in this process for new sound systems, fire safety or IT systems.
  • The walls have also been removed to increase the seating capacity in the Lok Sabha. In spite of all this, this House of Parliament needs a break.
  • Now, the Lok Sabha Speaker was also telling us how the need for a new Parliament House has been felt for years.
  • Therefore, it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure a new Parliament House for the 21st century India.
  • It is in this direction that it is being inaugurated today. And, therefore, today, when we are starting the construction of a new Parliament House, we are also adding new years to the life of the present Parliament complex.
  • Many new things are being introduced in the new Parliament House that will increase the efficiency of the MPs and modernize their work culture.
  • For example, people have to face many problems in the present Parliament House when they come to meet the MPs from their constituencies.
  • There is a severe shortage of space in the Parliament House for the citizens when they come here to apprise their problems to their MPs.