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PM’s address at the inauguration of Patrika Gate in Jaipur via video conferencing

  • Namaskar! Rajasthan’s Governor Kalraj Mishraji, Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlotji, Gulab Kothariji of Rajasthan Patrika, other employees of the Patrika Group, friends in media, ladies and gentlemen!!!
  • Warm greetings to Gulab Kothariji and the Patrika Group for Samvad Upanishad and Akshar Yatra books. These books are unique gifts to both literature and culture.
  • Today, I have also got the opportunity to dedicate the Patrika Gate reflecting the culture of Rajasthan. This will become a centre of attraction not only for the local residents but the tourists as well. Congratulations to all of you for this effort.
  • Friends, In any society, the enlightened class of society, authors or writers of the society, are like mentors and teachers of the society. Our school education ends, but our learning process continues throughout our life, every day.
  • There is an important role of books and authors in it. In our country, the continuous progress of writing has been with Indianness and nationality.
  • During the freedom struggle, almost every big name was somehow associated with writing. We have had famous saints and scientists who were also authors and writers.
  • I am happy that all of you are making constant efforts to keep that tradition alive. And the great thing is that the Rajasthan Patrika Group has the courage to say that we are not in the race of following the foreign countries blindly.
  • You give priority to take forward the Indian culture, Indian civilization and preserving values. Gulab Kothariji’s books, Samvad Upanishad and Akshar Yatra, are the vivid proof of this.
  • The tradition that Gulab Kothariji has been pursuing today … the onset of the Patrika happened with these traditions. Karpoor Chandra Kulishji had launched the Patrika with the resolve of Indianness and service to India.
  • All of us remember his contribution to journalism, but Kulishji’s efforts to take the knowledge of Vedas to the society was really wonderful.
  • I had several opportunities to meet the late Kulishji personally. He liked me very much. He often used to say that journalism attains significance through positivity.
  • Friends, It is not necessary that one can give something positive to the society only as a journalist or a writer. This positivity, this belief is also very necessary for our personality as an individual.
  • I am satisfied that the Patrika Group and Gulab Kothariji have been constantly pursuing Kulishji’s philosophy and commitment.
  • Gulab Kothariji, you would recall that when I had called a meeting of friends of the print media regarding Corona, then also I had told you on your suggestions and advices that your words remind me of your father.
  • Samvad Upanishad and Akshar Yatra demonstrate how strongly you are taking forward your father’s Vedic heritage.
  • Friends, While I was going through the books of Gulabji, I recalled one of his editorials. Kothariji had written ‘Stutya Sankalp’ on my first address to the nation after the 2019 election results.
  • He had written that after listening to me, he felt as if I had conveyed his words to the 130 crore countrymen. Kothariji, whenever I get understanding on Upanishad and Vedic discourses in your books, I feel at times as if I am reading my own expressions.