Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s address at the inauguration of Maritime India Summit 2021

  • I welcome you all to the Maritime India Summit 2021. This Summit brings together many Stakeholders relating to this sector.
  • I am sure together we will achieve great success in boosting the maritime economy. Friends, India is a natural leader in this sector.
  • Our nation has a rich maritime history. Civilisations flourished on our coasts. For thousands of years, our ports have been important trading centres. Our coasts connected us to the world.
  • Friends, Through this Maritime India Summit, I want to invite the world to come to India and be a part of our growth trajectory.
  • India is very serious about growing in the maritime sector and emerging as a leading Blue Economy of the world.
  • Our leading focus areas include: Upgrade current infrastructure. Create next-generation infrastructure. Boost the reform journey.
  • Through these steps, we aim to give strength to our vision of AatmaNirbhar Bharat. Friends, When I talk about upgrading current infrastructure, I give great importance to improving efficiency.
  • Instead of a piece-meal approach we focused on the entire sector as one. And the results of this are visible.
  • The capacity of major ports which was around 870 Million tonnes per annum in 2014 has increased to around 1550 Million tonnes per annum now.
  • This productivity gain not only helps our ports, but also boosts the overall economy by making our products more competitive.
  • Indian ports now have measures such as: Direct port Delivery, Direct Port Entry and an upgraded Port Community System for easy data flow. Our ports have reduced waiting time for inbound and outbound cargo.
  • We are also investing heavily in development of storage facilities at the ports and plug-and-play infrastructure for attracting industries to Portland.
  • The ports will promote ‘Waste-to-Wealth’ through sustainable dredging and domestic ship recycling. We will encourage private investment in the ports sector.
  • Friends, Along with efficiency, lots of work is also happening to boost connectivity. We are integrating our ports with Coastal Economic Zones, Port-based Smart Cities and Industrial Parks.
  • This will anchor industrial investments and promote global manufacturing activity near ports.
  • Friends, As far as creating new infrastructure goes, I am delighted to share that Mega ports with world-class infrastructure are being developed at Vadhavan, Paradip and Deendayal Port in Kandla.