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PM’s address at the Centennial Foundation Day celebration of University of Lucknow

  • Warm greetings to the University of Lucknow family on completion of 100 years. This period of 100 years is not just a Mumbai.
  • An obvious history of immense achievements is associated with it. I am happy that I got the opportunity to release a commemorative postal stamp, commemorative coins and special cover in memory of these 100 years.
  • Friends, I am told that the peepal tree near Gate No. 1 outside is an important witness to the university’s 100years of continuous journey.
  • This tree has seen many talents being flourished in the campus of the University for the country and the world.
  • In its 100 years of journey, several personalities from here became President and Governors.
  • Whether it is the field of science or justice, political or administrative, educational or literature, cultural or sports, the University of Lucknow has chiseled and nurtured the talents in every field.
  • The University’s Arts Quadrangle boasts a lot of history in itself. In the same Arts Quadrangle, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s voice was echoed and said in that heroic voice: “Let the people of India make their constitution or pay for it”.
  • Netaji Subhash Babu’swar cry will enthuse new energy when we will celebrate our Constitution Day.
  • Friends, There are so many names associated with the University of Lucknow, the names of countless people, that it is not possible to list the names of everybody.
  • I admire all of them on this auspicious event today. Many people have contributed in many ways in this 100-year journey.
  • They all deserve appreciation. Yes, one thing is for sure it can’t be that there will not be a glow in the eyes of the students who have passed out of the University of Lucknow, when I get an opportunity to talk to them and about the University.
  • I have experienced many times that they become very excited when they recall the days spent in the University.
  • Therefore, one can truly understand the meaning of लखनऊ हम पर फिदा, हम फिदा-ए-लखनऊ.
  • The affinity and romance of the University of Lucknow has been something different. From Tagore Library to tea-samosas of different canteens and bun-butter are still in the hearts of the students.
  • Now, with the changing times, a lot has changed, but the mood of the University of Lucknow continues to be Lakhnavi, still the same.
  • Friends, This is a coincidence that today is Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi. It is believed that life comes to a standstill due to problems in the movement in Chaturmas (four months).
  • Even the deities go to sleep. In a way, today is the day when the deities have woken up. It is said here – “या निशा सर्वभूतानां तस्यां जागर्ति संयमी”, i.e., when everybody, including the deities, are sleeping, the austere human being remains engaged in the public welfare.
  • Today, we are witnessing how the citizens of the country are facing the challenge of corona with patience and taking the country forward.