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PM’s address at ‘Prarambh: Startup India International Summit

  • Young energy, young dreams are so profound, so vast that you all are the best examples. Right now, I was listening and watching all of you very carefully.
  • This confidence should remain the same. Imagine the range of start-ups! One was talking about a carbon fibre 3D printer start-up, while another was talking about satellite launch vehicles.
  • Whatever you mentioned about your start-ups from e-toilets to biodegradable PPE kits and from diabetes medicine to brick laying machine and AR technology for persons with disabilities, shows that you have the great power to change the future.
  • Another change that is now visible is that earlier if a youth launched any start-up, people used to say ‘Why don’t you do a job? Why a start-up?
  • But now people say – ‘Job is alright, but why don’t you create your own start-up’? And the first reaction to seeing young people who are already in start-ups is: ‘Wow, it is your start-up’!
  • These changes are a major strength of BIMSTEC countries, i.e. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand, which have taken inspiration for development from the Bay of Bengal.
  • Today is the day of many ‘Prarambh’ (beginnings) for all of us. Today, the first start-up conclave of the BIMSTEC nations is being held.
  • Today the Start-up India movement is completing its successful five years; and today India has launched the most historic, largest vaccine drive against Corona.
  • The day is a witness to the abilities of our scientists, youth and entrepreneurs and the hard work and service of our doctors, nurses and the people involved in the health sector.
  • Armed with the experiences we all have had from the fight against Corona to developing vaccines, our youth and entrepreneurs from BIMSTEC countries are joining this Prarambh Summit today.
  • Therefore, this summit becomes even more important. I am told that you have had many important discussions in these two days, shared your start-up success stories and created new opportunities for mutual cooperation.
  • The winners of the 12 sectors in which start-up awards were launched by the country have also been announced. I congratulate all of you for these awards.
  • Friends, This century is a century of digital revolution and new age innovations. And this century is also called the Century of Asia.
  • And therefore, it is the need of the time that future technology emerges from Asia’s labs and future entrepreneurs are made from here.
  • For this, those countries in Asia will have to come forward and take responsibility who can work together and work for each other and also have the resources and the spirit of cooperation.
  • Therefore, this responsibility naturally comes to the BIMSTEC countries. The shared heritage of our centuries-old relationships our culture and civilization have kept us all together.
  • We share our ideas and so we can share our ideas even more. We share each other’s happiness and sorrows, so our success will also be shared.
  • At the same time, we are working together for one fifth population of the world. We also have the collective strength of 3.8 trillion dollar GDP.
  • I see new possibilities for the whole world in the energy of our youth and their impatience in writing their own destiny.