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PM’s address at laying of foundation stone of key projects of Oil & Gas sector in Tamil Nadu

  • I am deeply honoured to be present here today. We are here to celebrate the beginning of important oil and gas projects.
  • These are important not only for Tamil Nadu, but also for the whole country. Friends, I want to begin by sharing two facts that would make you think.
  • In 2019-20, India imported over 85 percent of oil and 53 per cent of gas to meet the demand.
  • Can a diverse and talented nation like ours be so energy import dependent? I do not want to criticise anyone but I want to say:
  • Had we focused on these subjects much earlier, our middle class would not be burdened. Now, it is our collective duty to work towards:Clean and green sources of energy.
  • Reduce energy dependence. Our Government is sensitive to the concerns of the middle class.
  • That is why India is now: Increasing the focus on ethanol to help farmers and consumers. Furthering usage of solar power to become a leader in the sector.
  • Encouraging public transport to make people’s lives productive and easy. Embracing alternative sources like LED Bulbs to enable huge savings for middle class households.
  • India has now come out with a scrappage policy to help lakhs of people. More Indian cities have metro coverage than ever before.
  • Solar pumps are getting more popular. They are helping farmers greatly. This would not be possible without the support of the people.
  • India is working to meet the growing energy demand. India is also reducing our energy import dependence. At the same time, we are also diversifying our import sources.
  • Friends, How are we doing this? Through capacity building. In 2019-20, we were 4th in the world in refining capacity.
  • About 65.2 million tonnes of petroleum products have been exported. This number is expected to rise even further. Our companies have ventured overseas in acquisition of quality oil and gas assets.
  • Today, Indian Oil and Gas companies are present in 27 countries with investments worth approximately Rupees two lakh seventy thousand crore.
  • Friends, We are developing a gas pipeline network to achieve ‘One Nation One Gas Grid’.
  • We have planned to spend seven and a half lakh crores in creating oil and gas infrastructure over five years.
  • A strong emphasis has been laid on the expansion of city gas distribution networks by covering 407 districts.