Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s address at Kisan Sammelan held across Madhya Pradesh via video conferencing

  • Namaskar, My greetings to the hardworking peasant brothers and sisters of Madhya Pradesh!
  • Farmer friends from different corners of Madhya Pradesh have gathered here for this special function.
  • So many farmers have come from Raisen. Thousands of farmer brothers and sisters are connected digitally with us.
  • I welcome you all. In the past, the farmers of MP have suffered losses due to hailstones and natural calamities.
  • Sixteen hundred crore rupees are being transferred to the bank accounts of 35 lakh such farmers of Madhya Pradesh during this function.
  • There is no middleman and no commission. There is no cut. Money is being deposited directly into the bank accounts of farmers. It has been made possible because of technology.
  • The modern system that India has created in the last 5-6 years is also being discussed all over the world today and the young talent of our country has contributed immensely in it.
  • Friends, Farmer credit cards have also been given to many farmers today in this programme. Earlier, the Farmer Credit Card was not available to everybody.
  • Our government has made changes in the rules in order to ensure a Farmer Credit Card for every farmer.
  • Now, the farmers are getting easy capital for works related to farming. It has also relieved them of the compulsion to borrow money from others on higher interest.
  • Friends, During this programme today, several cold storage infrastructure and other facilities have been either inaugurated or foundation stone has been laid.
  • This is a fact that no matter how much effort farmers put in, if there is no proper storage facility for fruits, vegetables and foodgrains, it leads to heavy losses.
  • And it is not only the farmers who suffer this loss; the entire India bears this loss. According to an estimate, about one lakh crore worth of fruits, vegetables and food grains get damaged every year.
  • Earlier, there was so much indifference regarding this. Now our priority is to set up new storage centres, a massive network of cold storage and create related infrastructure.
  • I will urge the corporate world to come forward to contribute in developing modern storage facilities, cold storage and setting up new food processing ventures.
  • It is not appropriate to assign everything to farmers. Maybe your earnings will be slightly lower, but it will benefit the farmers, the poor and the villages of the country. Friends, India’s agriculture and farmers can’t live in the state of backwardness anymore.
  • The modern facilities, which are available to farmers of the developed countries, should also be available to Indian farmers.
  • There can’t be any further delay. Time can’t wait for us. In a rapidly changing global scenario, we can’t accept this situation in India that the farmer becomes helpless due to lack of facilities and modern methods.