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PM’s address at ‘Janaushadhi Diwas’ celebrations

  • I congratulate all the colleagues who have received these three important awards — Janaushadhi Chikitsak, Janaushadhi Jyoti, and Janaushadhi Sarthi!!
  • Friends, I had the opportunity to interact with operators running the Janaushadhi scheme in every nook and corner of the country and some of its beneficiaries.
  • And, it is amply clear from discussion that this scheme is very fruitful for the poor and especially the middle class families.
  • The scheme is becoming a medium of both service and employment. Along with cheaper medicines, the youth are also getting means of income through the Janaushadhi centres.
  • Making available sanitary pads for just Rs. 2.5 also has a positive impact on the health of our sisters and daughters. So far, more than 11 crore sanitary napkins have been sold at these centres.
  • Similarly, necessary nutrition and supplements for pregnant women are also now being provided at Janaushadhi centres under the ‘Janaushadhi Janani’ campaign.
  • In fact, there are more than 1,000 Janaushadhi centres which are being run by women. The Janaushadhi scheme is also giving impetus to the self-reliance of daughters.
  • Brothers and sisters, The scheme is also helping in providing affordable medicines to the countrymen living in hilly areas, in the North East and in tribal areas.
  • Today the 7500th centre has been launched in Shillong. It demonstrates the expansion of the Janaushadhi centres in the North East.
  • Friends, The milestone of 7500 is also important because there were not even 100 such centres in the country till six years ago.
  • And we want to surpass the target of 10,000 as quickly as possible. I would like to request the state governments and employees of the departments today. The 75 years of independence is an important opportunity for us.
  • Can we decide to have more than 75 Janaushadhi centres in at least 75 districts of the country and that too in a short time? You see, what will be the impact of the expansion.
  • Similarly, the number of beneficiaries should also be targeted. The target should be to increase the number of beneficiaries to Janaushadhi centres by two to three times.
  • We should work on these two points. The sooner the work is done, the more the poor of the country will benefit.
  • These Janaushadhi centres are saving about Rs. 3600 crores of poor and middle class families every year, and it is not a small sum which was earlier spent on costly medicines.