Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s address at inauguration of Ro-Pax terminal at Hazira

  • This is an ideal example of how ease of doing business also increases with the start of a single project and how ease of living grows at the same time.
  • I had the opportunity to talk to four-five brothers and sisters just now and the way they shared their experience.
  • Whether it is about pilgrimage, or discussion on minimum loss to the vehicle, or discussion on saving time, or about saving waste of production in farming, or taking fruits and vegetables to markets in Surat.
  • I think there is a very happy atmosphere that the increase in speed will also facilitate the trade. Everybody, including businessmen, traders, employees, workers, farmers and students, are going to be benefited through this excellent connectivity.
  • One gets a lot of satisfaction when distance between one’s own gets reduced. In a way, the people of Gujarat are getting this great gift of Diwali today.
  • The years of dream have been realized and the wait for years has ended for the people of Saurashtra and South Gujarat with the start of the Ro-Pax service between Hazira and Ghogha.
  • A new terminal has also been inaugurated at Hazira. Many many congratulations and best wishes to all of you for the establishment of this new maritime link between Bhavnagar and Surat.
  • Friends, This service will reduce the present road distance of 375 kilometres between Ghogha and Hazira to only 90 kilometres through the sea.
  • It will now take only 3-4 hours to cover the distance which earlier used to take 10-12 hours. This will not only save time, but will also reduce your expenses.
  • Moreover, the less traffic on road will also help in reducing pollution. As it has been told here, the figure is very huge, that about 80,000 passenger cars and almost 30,000 trucks will be able to take advantage of this new service in a year. Imagine the saving on petrol and diesel.
  • Friends, Above all, the connectivity of Saurashtra with a large business centre in Gujarat is going to change the life of the region.
  • Now, it will be much easier for the farmers and herders of Saurashtra to transport fruits, vegetables and milk to Surat. Severe damage is caused to fruits, vegetables and milk due to the long journey by road.
  • Now all this will stop. Now the produce of herders and farmers will reach the markets faster and safely through the maritime route. Similarly, the commute and transportation will be much easier and cheaper for the trader and worker friends.