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PM’s address at foundation stone laying ceremony of several development projects in Kutch, Gujarat

  • Friends, Today is also the death anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patelji, the great son of Gujarat and the country.
  • Sardar Saheb’s dream of rejuvenating Gujarat from the water of Mother Narmada is being fulfilled rapidly.
  • His statue in Kevadia, the tallest in the world, inspires us to work together day and night for the country. Remembering Sardar Saheb, we need to heighten the pride of the country and Gujarat.
  • Friends, Today, new energy is also pervading Kutch. Think of the world’s largest Hybrid Renewable Energy Park in Kutch. And how big is it? It is as big as Singapore or Bahrain.
  • The Renewable Energy Park in Kutch will be almost as large as that area. Now you can guess how massive it is going to be.
  • The Renewable Energy Park in Kutch will be spread over 70,000 hectares, i.e., bigger than several Indian cities. It sounds so good. Don’t the people of Kutch feel the same way? One feels so proud.
  • Friends, Today, Kutch has taken an important step in the twin directions of New Age Technology and New Age Economy.
  • The foundation laying of Renewable Energy Park in Khavda, desalination plant in Mandvi and the new automatic plant at Sarhad Dairy in Anjar is going to create new milestones in the development journey of Kutch.
  • The benefit of these projects would accrue to my farmers, cattle ranchers and common people, and specially our mothers and sisters of the region.
  • Friends, Several old memories come to my mind when I talk about the development of Kutch. At one point of time, it was being said that Kutch is so far away, there is no trace of development and there is no connectivity.
  • Electricity-water-roads were a kind of synonym to challenges. Same was the feeling in the government that Kutch is a place for punishment posting and people also considered it as “Kala Pani” punishment.
  • Such is the situation today that people beg to work in Kutch. Earlier, some people would often say that no development was possible in this region. And then the tragedy of the earthquake struck in Kutch.
  • Whatever was left was destroyed by the earthquake. But, on the one hand, was the blessing of Mata Ashapura Devi and Koteshwar Mahadev and, on the other, was the courage, efforts and will-power of the people.
  • In just a few years, people of the region did a turnaround which nobody could imagine. The people of the Kutch turned despair into hope.
  • I think this is the blessing of Mata Ashapura Devi. There is no despair. Instead, there is hope all around.
  • The earthquake might have flattened their homes, but such a massive earthquake could not dampen the morale of the people of Kutch.
  • My brothers and sisters of Kutch again stood up. And see, where they have taken this region to. Friends, The identity of Kutch has changed today. Today, the glory of Kutch is growing rapidly.
  • Today, Kutch has become one of the fastest growing regions of the country. The connectivity here is getting better day by day.