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PM’s address at foundation stone laying ceremony of rural drinking water supply projects in Uttar Pradesh

  • See, when a major problem in life starts gets solved, it starts reflecting a different confidence altogether.
  • I could see that confidence while interacting with you. Even though I was not able to talk to everyone due to a technological glitch, I was able to see you.
  • I could see the way you have dressed up just like one dresses up for a celebration! I could also see all the decorations. I could see the level of enthusiasm and zeal in you.
  • This enthusiasm, this zeal itself depicts the immense value of this scheme. It shows your sensitivity towards water.
  • You have created an atmosphere like that of a major event in the family such as a marriage.
  • This means that the government not only understands your problems but is also moving in the right direction of solving those problems and as you are so enthusiastic,
  • I am sure that the scheme will show results faster than expected. Probably you will also save money. Where there is public participation, the results are huge!
  • It is due to the blessings of Maa Vindhyavasini on all of us that such a major scheme is being started today for lakhs of families of this region.
  • Under this scheme, lakhs of families will get pure drinking water through taps in their homes.
  • Friends, This entire stretch of Vindhya Mountains has been a great center of faith, purity and devotion since ancient times.
  • Most people from Uttar Pradesh know what Rahimdas ji said – ‘जापर विपदा परत है, सो आवत यही देश!’
  • Brothers and sisters, The reason for this confidence of Rahimdas ji, was the vast resources of this region and immense possibilities present here.
  • Streams of several rivers like Shipra, Wainganga, Son, Mahanad & Narmada originate from Vindhyanchal.
  • This region is also blessed by rivers like Mother Ganga, Belan and Karmanasha. But this region had been the most neglected area for decades since independence.
  • Be it Vindhyachal, Bundelkhand, or the entire area, it had become a region of deprivation despite the vast amount of resources.
  • Despite so many rivers flowing through this region, it had been identified as one of the parched and severe drought affected areas. Consequently, many people were forced to migrate from here.