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PM’s address at ‘Dikshant Parade’ of IPS probationers through video conference

  • Namaskar! My colleagues in the council of ministers, Shri Amit Shah ji, Dr. Jitendra Singh ji, G. Kishan Reddy ji, officials of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy present on the occasion of the Dikshant (Convocation) Parade Event and my young friends of 71 RR ready to lead the Indian Police Service with youthful zeal.
  • Generally, I used to meet all the friends who would pass out of this academy personally in Delhi. It used to be my good fortune that I would call them at my residence and would exchange ideas with them.
  • Due to the prevalent situation in the wake of Corona, I am losing out on this opportunity. But I am sure that I will meet you sometime during my tenure.
  • Friends, One thing is certain that as long as you are working as a trainee, you work in a protective environment. You know that in the event of a mistake, your colleague or the people who are providing training to you will take care of it.
  • But the situation will change overnight. The moment you step out of this academy, you will not remain in the protective environment.
  • A common man will not think that you are new and lack experience. He will think that he is Sahib and in uniform, why is my work not being done? You are Sahib, how can you do this? His attitude towards you will change completely.


  • You will be minutely monitored on how do you conduct yourself, how do you function. I would like you to remain over conscious during your initial period because the first impression is the last impression.
  • Once you are typecast as a particular officer that image will travel with you wherever you are transferred. It will take you considerable time to come out of that image. Therefore, you make efforts very carefully.
  • Secondly, there is a defect in the society. When we also come to Delhi after being elected, two-four people stick around us. We don’t know who they are. And very soon they will start offering their service.
  • Sahib, if you need a car, or water, I will arrange it for you. I think you have not eaten so far. The food of this Bhavan is not good, should I bring food from a different Bhavan.
  • We don’t know who these service providers are. Wherever you will go, you will also find a group of such people. You will be new to the place and you will also be in need of several requirements.
  • But if you get trapped in it, it will be very difficult to come out of that rut. Initially, you will have problems because the area is new, but try to understand things from your own eyes and ears. As far as possible, filter your ears in your initial days.
  • If you really want to succeed in leadership, filter your ears. I don’t say that you should keep your ears closed. I am only asking you to filter your ears.
  • You will benefit a lot when all those things necessary for your career, your duty or as a person are received by you in a filtered way.
  • Whenever somebody goes for a posting, people consider him to be a dustbin. The more powerful the person is, he is dubbed as a bigger dustbin. People keep on piling trash. And we also consider that trash as fortune. If we keep our conscience clean, it will be very beneficial to us.
  • The second issue is — Have we ever given a thought about the culture of our police stations? How can our police station become a centre of social trust?
  • Today, when we visit police stations, they are clean, it is good. There are some police stations in some areas which are very old and are in a dilapidated condition. I know that but it is not difficult to keep them clean.