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PM’s address at a function to mark 75 years of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission

  • Congratulations to all of you on the completion of 75 years of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission.
  • Many best wishes! This milestone of 75 years is very important in nation building and advancing the society firmly.
  • It is the result of your dedication to the goal that this odyssey has spread to more than 150 countries today.
  • Today, we are celebrating the birth anniversary of Guru Ram Chandra ji on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami.
  • With my congratulations to all of you, I pay respectful homage to Babuji. I also congratulate you for your wonderful journey as well as your new headquarters Kanha Shanti Vanam.
  • I am told that it was a barren land earlier where Kanha Shanti Vanam has been developed. Your enterprise and dedication have converted this barren land into Kanha Shanti Vanam.
  • This Shanti Vanam is a shining example of Babuji’s teachings. Friends, All of you have felt the inspiration from Babuji closely.
  • His experiments to achieve the significance of life and his efforts to achieve peace of mind are great inspiration for all of us.
  • In this 20-20 world, there is a lot of emphasis on speed. People are short of time. You are making a great contribution by keeping people healthy through dynamic spirituality in an easy way.
  • Thousands of your volunteers and trainers are familiarizing the whole world with the skills of yoga and meditation.
  • This is a great service to humanity. Your trainers and volunteers have personified the true meaning of Knowledge.
  • Our Kamlesh ji is known as ‘Da Ji’ in the world of meditation and spirituality. What I can say about Brother Kamlesh ji is that he is a confluence of the qualities of the West and India.
  • Under your spiritual leadership, Shri Ram Chandra Mission is motivating the whole world, especially the youth, towards a healthy body and a healthy mind.
  • Friends, Today, the world is reeling under the hardships from the lifestyle diseases to pandemics and from depression to terrorism.
  • In such a situation, the Sahaj Marg, the Heartfulness Program and Yoga are like a ray of hope for the world.
  • In recent times, the whole world has seen an example of how a little vigilance can help overcome major crises.
  • We are also witness to how the awareness of 130 crore Indians became an example for the world in the battle against Corona.
  • In this battle, the household wisdom, habits and Yoga-Ayurveda have also played a very big role.
  • The entire world was concerned about India when the pandemic broke out. But today, India’s fight against Corona is motivating the world.