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PM joins prayer meeting in remembrance of late Smt. Sushma Swaraj Ji

Today, various people have shared their thoughts about Sushma Ji. She was a multifaceted personality and we, Karyakartas of the BJP have seen very closely what a great personality she was

I remember Venkaiah Naidu Ji and me going to Sushma Ji, and asking her to go to Karnataka to fight elections. The outcome was certain but she was someone who was always ready to take up challenges

The speeches of Sushma Ji were both Prabhavi and Prerak. She remains an inspiration for several people

Krishna Bhakti was integral to Sushma Ji. She would always abide by the ideals and teachings of Bhagwan Shri Krishna

In any ministerial duty she held, Sushma Ji brought about a marked change in the work culture there.

One would conventionally associate the MEA with protocol but Sushma Ji went a step ahead and answered the people’s call, making the Ministry people friendly