Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Opening remarks by PM during the India – Denmark Virtual Bilateral Summit

  • Namskar, Excellency! I am very happy to have the opportunity to talk to you through this Virtual Summit. First of all I would like to express my condolences for the loss that Denmark has suffered due to COVID-19. I want to congratulate for your skilled leadership in dealing with this crisis.
  • Out of all the engagements you could find time for this dialogue, it shows your special focus and commitment towards our mutual relationships.
  • You recently got married. I congratulate and convey my best wishes and hope that soon after the post COVID-19 situation improves, we will soon have the opportunity to welcome you with your family in India. I am sure your daughter Ida will definitely be eager to visit India again.
  • We had a very productive talk over the phone a few months ago. We had discussed on ways to increase cooperation between India and Denmark in many areas.
  • It is a matter of happiness that today we are giving new direction and momentum to these intentions through this Virtual Summit.
  • Denmark has been attending Vibrant Gujarat Summit since 2009, when I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, so I have a special attachment for Denmark.
  • I am grateful for your proposal to host the second India-Nordic Summit. It will be a privilege for me to come to Denmark and meet you once the situation improves.
  • Excellency, The events of the past several months have made it clear that how important it is to work together for like-minded countries like ours, which share a rules-based, transparent, humanitarian and Democratic value-system.
  • Cooperation between like-minded countries in vaccine development will also help in dealing with this pandemic. During this pandemic, India’s pharma production capabilities have been useful to the entire world. We are doing the same in the field of vaccine.
  • This is also the effort of our ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-reliant India)’ campaign to increase India’s capabilities in key economic sectors and also serve the world.
  • Under this campaign we are emphasizing on all-round reforms. Companies operating in India will benefit from regulatory and taxation reforms. The process of reforms in other areas is also ongoing. Recently significant reforms have been made in the agriculture and labor sectors.
  • Excellency, COVID-19 has shown that it is risky for Global Supply Chains to be highly dependent on any single source.
  • We are working together with Japan and Australia for supply-chain diversification and resilience. Other like-minded countries can also join this effort.
  • In this context, I believe that our Virtual Summit will not only prove useful for India-Denmark relations, but will also help in building a common approach towards global challenges.
  • Once again, Excellency, thank you very much for sparing your time. Now I would like to invite you for your Opening Remarks.