Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

“New India”


The sweeping as well stunning electoral verdict in Uttar Pradesh in favour of the BJP announces a new era in Indian politics and marks a watershed in our national march, post independence.

But perhaps the greatest lesson from the Uttar Pradesh verdict is that it has given a decisive blow, as BJP president Shri Amit Shah reminded us, to the politics of appeasement that has held hostage our national aspirations in the last seven decades.

Throughout the hectic electioneering Shri Amit Shah was categorical that the mandate in Uttar Pradesh will actually announce the end of the politics of dynastyism, of casteism and of appeasement and launch the era of the politics of performance. No political formation till date had the gumption to speak along these lines.

The BJP under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, since 2014, has demonstrated a remarkable resilience in working to alter the political narrative of the country and to liberate it from the clutches of these negatives. As the results are analysed, as the details come in, it is for all to see how wide-sweeping the mandate has been and how it has cut across barriers. Those who minimise its symbolism are mostly those formations that have proved to be completely out of depth with the collective mind of the people.

The mandate for Uttar Pradesh and for the BJP across the country is aspirational. All through the last three years that he has been leading the government at the Union level, Prime Minister Modi has been successful in articulating and then working out a new narrative – a narrative which he has termed the “New India.” This new narrative has responded to the aspirations of all classes cutting across divides of various types.

Through his work, through his commitment and determination to transform India, Prime Minister Modi has earned the faith and trust of the people. This faith and trust has been acquired and won through ceaseless and credible work. His talk of empowerment and his actions in laying the foundations of that empowerment has made visible impact at the grassroots. When he talks of people wanting opportunities and not doles and handouts, Prime Minister reflects and articulates the actual aspirations of the vast multitudes that have hitherto faced marginalisation.

The mandate for such a vision is so decisive, that the losing side is yet to fathom all its dimensions. Some of them speak of the creation of a “myth” which people have lapped up. Such a talk only betrays their own disdain for the wisdom of the Indian electorate which has often displayed deep discernment in selecting their representatives.

The “New India” is in the wings, it is determined to combine aspirations with capacities and work towards creating and evolving a new narrative.

(The writer is a Member, National Executive Committee (NEC), BJP and Chairman of Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation. Views expressed are personal)