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Little-Joe and the journey from Classical Marxism to Cultural Marxism

The mystery of the progressive and Islamic nexus has fascinated security experts around the world, including in India. The friendship between the radical Islamic organisations and the Progressives, who tried to take the society to the Stone Age civilisation, needs to be understood very closely today.

To understand the present scenario of the world including India, it is necessary to pay more attention to the statements of Maulana Hasrat Mohani, the founder of Communist Party of India, who said that if Allah is removed from Islam, it becomes communism and if Allah is added to communism, it becomes Islam.

Mohani had given this as a formula by which one can shift from Islam to Communism and from Communism to Islam whenever he wants. The same is also the formula for friendship and harmony between Islam and Communism around the world.

Marxism has moved from classical Marxism to cultural Marxism. This hybrid form of Marxism is being used all over the world now and its lethal consequences are also coming. This is new recipe of progressive and Islamic nexus is cultural Marxism.

The 70s saw a spurt in the rise of Naxalism, conversion activities and fault lines within the society. The communists, who were patronised by successive Congress governments, strengthened their foothold in India’s education and research. At the same time, in the Bharatiya society, where fault lines were non-existent or present in a very subtle form, no stone was left unturned in creating discrimination in the society.

Recently, examples of progressive and Islamic alliances have also been seen in a country like America. Major radical Muslim organisations now debate the issue of “feminism”.  For example, ten years ago, groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), were named by US federal prosecutors as part of a vast terror-finance network which was now rallying for Black Lives Matter and is campaigning for Social Justice. Prison reforms and minimum wages have now been among the alliance’s key campaigns.

What the so-called progressive agitators called “a world free of racism, Islamophobia (dislike of Islam), Xenophobia (dislike of foreigners), Anti-semitism (a form of racism), Homophobia (hatred against homosexuals), Transphobia (hatred against transgender), Ableism (discrimination in favour of the able-bodied), ageism (inappropriate treatment of the elderly), sexism (discrimination on the basis of gender), and misogyny (hatred or prejudice against women)”, are used as a weapon against different nations.

Overall, the progressive and Islamic nexus acted as a way of misusing the fault lines of American society to tarnish the country’s image around the world and eventually break the country.

Attempts to break the country by misusing the fault lines were not only done in America, but in India only recently, many examples of this can be seen. In which Hathras case is the latest example of conspiracy.

Hathras incident:

Last year a conspiracy was exposed in the Hathras rape case incident, which also uncovered an attempt by the extremist Islamic organization PFI, Naxalites, foreign funding, media organisations, political parties and many more, to throw the entire country into an ethnic caste base conflict.

The Hathras incident can help the brightest minds of India to understand and study the pattern and can also help in examining how the conspiracies of the anti-India forces are coming to fruition. Apart from Hathras, incidents like Pathalgadi in Jharkhand and Bhima Koregaon in Maharashtra, Muzaffarnagar and Meerut riots in Uttar Pradesh and CAA violence in Delhi have completely exposed the nexus of Christian missionaries, Naxals and PFI. In all these cases the issues of fault lines of Indian society were magnified and used as a weapon against India.

The Little-Joe Principle:

Little-Joe is actually a word format in which three plus one is four. Actually, I see it as a principle in which anti-national forces coordinate themselves in many countries other than India.

A quadriga that operates upon the three plus one equals four formula is Christian missionaries, second Naxalites, third extremist Islamic organisations (like PFI) and fourth is a band or a gang consisting of selected journalists, lawyers, cultural workers, NGOs and human rights organisations etc. The fourth group helps in providing cover fire in building a narrative for the common minimum programme of the first three. This strategy of the quadriga is now being considered foolproof and uncontested.

Ninth Congress of Maoists:

The guidelines proposed in the Ninth Congress-2007, of CPI Maoist, which is now in public domain should also be noted at point number: 3.4.5. It states that:

“There is a need to mobilise the public against the black laws of the Government of India. All sections of people in urban areas are bearing the brunt of this repression and are standing against it. Therefore, the task of the party in urban areas is to unite all those forces who are ready to oppose these policies and to build a broad democratic movement against oppression and also to extremist struggles. Organisations that consistently oppose state repression and black laws are civil liberties organisations operating in different parts of the country. We can work through them to some extent. Comprehensive fight against oppression another excellent form of unity is to take up special cases of brutal state repression and immediately mobilise all sections of the people into the extremist struggle. Police firing, police custodial deaths, rape are some of the examples that can be used to mislead the public in open fighting and also for militant struggle.”

At the same time, the strategy of forming a United Front (United Front) against the “Hindu fascist forces” has also been explained in detail in Point No.: 3.4.6 of the Ninth Congress of the Maoists. It states that:

“All secular forces, religious minorities like Muslims, Christians and Sikhs should be made a broad united front against Hindu fascist forces. The above United Front cannot be created by uniting a few secular persons on the basis of only one political programme. To be effective, it has to involve the people, especially the minorities. This means that we must have adequate grassroots work among the minorities, especially the Muslim masses who are the worst victims of the atrocities of the Hindu fascists. However, with almost all Indian cities being extremely densely populated, this is only possible if we work to drive at least some of the forces out of Hindu-dominated areas and base them in the settlements and localities inhabited by poor Muslims. This would be the first step in building any united front. Real United Front organisations would generally be in the form of legal democratic bodies with various de facto secular forces as well as organisations of oppressed minorities. Such organisations must have a program basically aimed at targeting Hindu fascist organisations and uniting people of all communities. We should campaign and agitate among both minority and majority sections on this basis and try to unite to isolate and defeat some Hindu fascist people.”

The intentions of organisations like Naxalites and PFI are clear, so their involvement in Hathras-like incident does not cause much surprise, but the astonishing fact is, why a big political party like Congress is working on the agenda of PFI and Naxalism. The answer is also very simple, the Congress is so obsessed with appeasement politics that it does not hesitate to put national security at risk for the sake of vote bank.

Whether it is terrorism in India or Naxalism, whether it is an attempt to break the country in America in the name of Black Lives Matter; The whole story is about the weaponisation of the  fault lines through a little joe format. These progressive and Islamic nexus organisations have no other form of operation across the world, and in fact it is their limitations too.

(The writer is a strategic analyst and author of “Bleeding India: Four Aggressors, Thousand Cuts” (2019), he can be followed at: Twitter: @BinayBharat. Views expressed are his own.)