Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Discussion on “Aatmanirbhar Bharat: The Vision of the Future in Shri Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech 2020”

A discussion on “Atmanirbhar Bharat: The Vision of the Future in Shri Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech 2020”, was organized under the auspices of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, where Sri Bimal Shankar Nanda, Associate Professor, Charuchandra College, Kolkata and Political Analyst, was our first speaker. Sri Nanda highlighted the key issues of Indian Foreign Policy with regard to the defence mechanism. The emphasis on building defence equipments within the country is a significant step towards self-reliancy, said Sri Nanda. He also pointed echoing PM Modi, that with gradual progress, Make in India will turn into a Global India Project. Keeping in view the enormous supply of Hydroxichloroquine to several countries to combat the ongoing pandemic, Sri Nanda has expressed his optimism, that India in the near future will turn into a medical hub and will become a global and trustworthy supplier of vaccines and other medicines as well.

Our next speaker Srimati Parul Mondol (Singh), Educationist and Researcher, History, presented her opinion on the same by highlighting the aspect of women empowerment. Srimati Mondol pointed out how several schemes such as Ujjwal Yojna, Jal Seban Yojna, Jandhan Yojna of Narendra Modi led Government has benefitted a large portion of rural womenfolk. She pointed out how the present government being concerned and empathetic about the health and higeine of women, has supplied cheap sanitary napkins to rural areas on a huge scale. Besides, in the business sector, the number of women entrepreneurs have considerably increased, which, said Srimati Parul, is a significant movement toward Atmanirbharata.

Sri Pradipta Roy, Educationist and Researcher, International Relations, pointed out how the present government had made a significant progress from being a “soft power” to a “smart power” in the field of defence and foreign policy. By emphasizing upon Chanakya’s principles of Atmashakti, Mantrashakti and Arthashakti, Sri Roy pointed out how India had always been guided by her ancestors toward progress and self-reliance. The only difference is that the present Narendra Modi leadership has been more vocal about such principles. Sri Roy concluded by emphasizing that India no more relies solely on negotiations and talks, but also retaliates if situation calls for, as the country has witnessed in case of Pulwama and Galwan, which itself is a sign of an emerging “smart power”.

Our final speaker, Sri Pathikrit Pyne, Public Commentator and Political Analyst, highlighted upon the strategic defence mechanism of India. He provided meticulous details of various defence related strategies adopted by the present government. From purchasing of Rafael, fighter jets, bulletproof jackets etc. India, he pointed out, is now in a relatively better position in the international arena compared to what it was under previous leaderships.

The Seminar was concluded by Dr. Anirban Ganguly, Founder and Director, SPMRF, on a positive note that on the occasion of 74th Independence Day, the call for self-reliancy or Aatmanirbharata is likely to transform India’s future. The way India is tackling Chinese aggression and Pakistan’s debauchery on a frequent basis, shows her considerable strength to transform the 21st century into Asian Century.