Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Balakote Airstrikes – Defense Against Terrorism

The Balakote air strikes have indicated that India under Prime Minister Modi has redefined the concept of strategic restraint. The strikes were essentially our defense against terrorism and demonstrated India’s determination to nip it at the place from where it originates. It unequivocally demonstrated that we are not defensive anymore and are not bound by the sanctity of the LoC, which is breached by terrorists who come across it and attack our forces and men in uniform. It is only a decisive leader who can take such a decision, a leader who thinks out of the box and for whom India’s security and sovereignty is paramount. As Prime Minister Modi himself says, “nothing and no one is above the nation.”

21 political parties which passed a “regrettable” resolution against the government last week have only played into the hands of Pakistan. Instead of standing by and upholding the valour of our forces, the leaders of these confused parties have started raising doubts on the veracity of the strikes and thereby heaping insult on the dedication and steadfastness of our men in uniform. Such a behaviour in the midst of a situation which requires that we close our ranks against the enemy is regrettable and the people of India are not taking it kindly. One among them, namely the Chief Minister of West Bengal, went so far as to give a clean chit to Pakistan berating the information put out by India on the complicity of Pakistan in the Pulwama strike. Even after the Jaish-e-Mohammed had accepted responsibility, Ms Mamata Banerjee had difficulty in accepting that the attack was the handiwork of terrorists who had been trained and armed from across the border.

The numbers debate that these opposition parties are indulging in is irrelevant. Never has any force in the world disclosed operational details, for example, do we have any authentic detail of the Osama Bin Laden operation in Abottabad? But we can certainly say that Pakistan’s air forces adventurism into India on 27 February was essentially a botched up operation. But what is surprising is despite the terrorists accepting that the damage inflicted by the Indian Airforce in Balakote was heavy a sections of our political leaders are reluctant to admit that India had indeed triumphed in Balakote and that a resounding blow had been dealt to the terror camps in the area. In their blind hatred for PM Modi, in their desperation to see him unseated and defeated that continue to trample on the sentiments of patriotism and of martyrdom, they have no concern for the martyrs’ families, they have no concern for the courage of our forces, they have no sensitivity towards India’s security concern, they are not bothered that India comes across as a strong and responsible power.

But fortunately the people of India realise that India is safe under PM Modi, they wish to strengthen his hands so that his mission of strengthening India continues unabated. They wish to see a strong, steady, stable, self-reliant and safe India which marches ahead in strides. PM Modi’s leadership reinforces that hope. The people stand in solidarity with his leadership.

(The writer is a Member, National Executive Committee (NEC), BJP and Chairman of Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation. Views expressed are personal)